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Before and After Pictures from Omaha
Gutter Installation in Omaha, NE

Gutter Installation in Omaha, NE

Before After
Gutter Installation in Omaha, NE Gutter Installation in Omaha, NE

This home located in the Florence Field area of Omaha, NE is surrounded by large trees that were consistently clogging the homeowner's gutters. While making other exterior updates to the home the homeowners wanted to make sure to replace their gutters with ones that were maintenance-free. When during research online they submitted a request through HomeAdvisor and we responded to setup a time to evaluate the home and talk with the homeowners. 

With the large amount of leaves and debris that fall from the trees each year, we recommended to the homeonwers they install the patent, one-peiece, seamless, cover LeafGuard Brand Gutter System on their home.  They were excited about the design and the guarentees (clog-free and paint finish) that comes with the system they had us install a White LeafGuard Brand Gutter System on their home.

In these pictures, you can see the home before and after the new White LeafGuard Brand Gutter System was installed. 

LeafGuard Gutter System Installation in Omaha, NE

LeafGuard Gutter System Installation in Omaha, NE

Before After
LeafGuard Gutter System Installation in Omaha, NE LeafGuard Gutter System Installation in Omaha, NE

Before and After of White LeafGuard Gutters installed in Omaha, NE

Oversized Downspouts in Omaha

Oversized Downspouts in Omaha

Before After
Oversized Downspouts in Omaha Oversized Downspouts in Omaha

This homeowner saw our commerical on TV and was interested in making the gutters on the home maintenence free. We installed a Ivory colored LeafGuard Brand Gutter System and reused the homeowner's existing 3x4 oversized downspouts.  These pictures show the home before and after the installation.

Company Awards
Angie's List Super Service Award 2016
LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions was a proud recipient of the Angie's List Super Service Award for the third year... [Read more]
GAF's Triple Excellence Award 2016
We were a proud recipient of GAF's Triple Excellence Award in 2016 for the fourth year in a row.... [Read more]
More Awards

Dedicated Seamless Gutter Installation & Roof Repair Contractor Serving Omaha, NE

We were most satisfied in the fact that they look very nice on the house, and so far they have...
Happy Customers Surrounding Omaha, NE
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Reviews From Omaha
Testimonials From Omaha
Art and his wife stopped at our booth at the Omaha Home Show and were kind enough....
Testimonial by Art D. from Ralston, NE
I was concerned about leaves getting into my gutters and they solved the problem.
Testimonial by Homeowner from Omaha, NE
I feel that they are a very honest trustworthy company to use.
Testimonial by Homeowner from Omaha, NE

Professional Gutter Company Serving Omaha, NE

Omaha, NE is located far away from moderating mountain ranges or bodies of water, so thunderstorms are frequent and winters are often very cold and snowy. For Omaha homeowners, this means that it's essential to have a roofing and gutter system that will prevent water damage and stay durable through any weather. LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions is your proven LeafGuard gutter contractor and roof replacement expert, specializing in clog-free gutter installation, gutter protection, asphalt shingle roofing, hail damage repair, and more. Our dedication to superior, long-lasting products and excellent customer service has earned us the Angie's List Super Service Award multiple years in a row, and we are a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing contractor and gutter specialist.

LeafGuard gutter replacement will ensure that your gutter system stays maintenance-free and never clogs from leaves, dirt, or other debris. Too many homeowners put up with faulty, inefficient gutter systems that only lead to the safety risk of climbing on a ladder to unclog them or result in serious water damage to the home. Upgrading to the LeafGuard gutter system will ensure that both you and your home stay safe and dry! We provide seamless aluminum gutters, covered hood gutters, gutter guards, and effective gutter protection that will last for a lifetime.

The benefits of the LeafGuard brand include:

  • Clog-free seamless gutter system
  • Gutter protection from leaks and water damage
  • Low-maintenance, durable aluminum gutters
  • Custom-cut gutters for a perfect fit
  • A permanent end to gutter cleaning

Upgrade Your Omaha Home With An Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

If your roof has suffered from serious storm damage, it might be time to upgrade to a replacement roof. LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions is your reliable roofing company providing residential and commercial roofing throughout the Omaha area, and we specialize in stylish and durable asphalt shingle roof installation. If you need a roof inspection to determine whether a roof replacement is a good idea, we will provide a thorough inspection and consultation. Our roofing services include:

  • Roof replacement and installation
  • Professional roof inspection
  • Ridge vents and ventilation
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Wind and hail damage restoration
  • Asphalt shingle roofing
  • Solar roofing
  • Roof Repair
  • And more!

Here at LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions, we pride ourselves on only using industry-leading roofing products that are built to last. When you invest in a new roof installation or roof replacement for your current roof, you will benefit from better weather protection, durability, curb appeal, and property value.

Affordable Home Insulation Services in Omaha, NE

Are you interested in boosting your home's energy-efficiency and comfort? LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions can help with attic insulation, roof insulation, ice damming prevention, and more. We offer trusted insulation methods such as attic insulation, garage insulation, roof insulation, floor insulation, air sealing, and other home insulation services blown in insulation, rigid foam board insulation, and radiant barriers, and we will help you lower your heating and cooling costs through proven energy saving solutions.

LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions is your best choice for gutter installation, gutter guards, roof replacement, and more in Omaha and surrounding areas in Nebraska. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation cost estimate!

Job Stories From Omaha, NE
LeafGuard Gutters Installed on home in Omaha, NE

Homeowners in Omaha, NE had a run of Gutters on the back of their house that was very difficult to clean. Due to the pitch of the roof and how high the Gutter was. 

We installed a 42' length of LearGuard Gutter on the rear of their home. We also used 3x4 downspout and a hinge kicker on the downspout. 

The homeowners really liked the Gutter and were pleased how close we could match the color to their siding. The husband was happy that with the new hinge kicker he will no longer have to detach the downspout when mowing, he can just fold it up and its out of his way. 

Installed SilverGlo to walls in a unfinished basement in Omaha, NE

A homeowner in Omaha, NE was remodeling their unfinished basement to level out the temperature and make the space livable. To accomplish the homeowners goals, we installed SilverGlo Foam boards on the basement walls and spray foamed the rim joist through out the basement.

Now that the insulating of the basement is completed the homeowners are looking forward to finishing the basement and utilizing it in the coming years. They also said the job looked great and the work done did level out the temperatures.

Single story home in Omaha, NE. Installed LeafGuard Gutters

A new homeowner in Omaha, NE. were getting quotes to replace the Gutters. The Gutters were leaking and possibly caused water damage to their basement. 

We replaced all of the rotted out soffit panels and fascia. Then we installed LeafGuard Gutters.

The homeowner was happy with the crew’s effort and our ability to work with his budget. They no longer have to worry about water damage in their basement. 

Single story home in Omaha, NE. Installed LeafGuard Gutters - Photo 1
Looking forward to the rain! With new LeafGuard Gutters installed in Omaha, NE

Wayne was having issues with the gutters overflowing due to improper sloping and undersized downspouts.

We added additional 3x4 downspouts to increase flow. We installed LeafGuard throughout the home and ran the downspout extensions to a place they would work better, to ensure water was away from the foundation.

They were very impressed with the install and the product. Can't wait for rain!

Insulation installed in Cape Cod home in Omaha, NE

Richard and his wife live in a Cape Cod home and have been uncomfortable upstairs for years.

We dense packed the slope walls in the upstairs and we foamed the kneewalls. We air sealed the upstairs. We added an R-49 throughout as well as spray foamed the rim joist.

They were so happy with what we did. The upstairs was so comfortable and they couldn't believe they didn't do this before.

Dense pack and air sealed walls in home in Omaha, NE

They live in a tri-level and the basement walls didn't have any insulation. The upstairs attic was terribly hot with very little insulation. The humidity was trapped making the bedrooms uncomfortable.

We dense packed the basement walls and air sealed the attic spaces as well as adding cellulose to an R-49.

Increased comfortability of the home and lower energy costs. They were very happy with everything.

Installed Silverglow to walls in Omaha, NE

Scott's basement wasn't finished and the builder had used inferior insulation that is usually used in steel buildings. He wanted board insulation on the walls before he finished the basement.

We installed Silverglow to the walls and we spray foamed the rim joist throughout the basement.

The install looked great and it did level out the temp in the basement. Looking forward to the finished basement.

Installed LeafGuard Gutters for new homeowners in Omaha, NE

Marc and his wife just moved into the home and it has mature trees on it. Had issues with overflowing gutters which needed to be fixed. They added beautiful landscaping that needed protected.

We installed LeafGuard Gutters throughout the home and the downspouts went into drain tiles.

They were super pumped about the install and not having to clean the gutters again.

LeafGuard Gutter System installed in Karen Western area of Omaha, NE

Richard's gutters had come detached from the home and were allowing water to run along the foundation.

We installed LeafGuard to ensure the will always stay attached to the home and perform at a high level for life.

Richard is pleased with how well the gutters are attached to the home and the added benefit of never cleaning the gutters again.


LeafGuard and RainPro Gutters installed on lovely home in Omaha Nebraska

Emjay called us because she was fixing up the home that they would be moving into. Her current gutters were completely full of leaves and debris and the gutter over her driveway was overshooting causing etching on her driveway.

We installed LeafGuard gutters on the front and rear of her home. On the corner of her driveway we installed RainPro and a deflector to help remedy the water overshooting issue.

Emjay was glad to know that she had maintenance free gutters and wouldn't have to worry about dealing with cleaning them once they moved in. Knowing that the over shooting issue was solved gave her peace of mind.

Installation of LeafGuard Gutters in Omaha Nebraska

Myrna and her husband had a run of gutter on the back of the house that was difficult to clean because of the pitch of the roof and the height of the gutter.

We installed a 42 foot length of LeafGuard on the rear of their home. We also used 3x4 downspout and used a hinge kicker on the downspout.

They really liked the gutter and were pleased how close we could match the color to their siding. The husband was happy that with the new hinge kicker he won't have to detach the downspout when mowing, He can just fold it up and out of the way.

Wicker LeafGuard Gutter System Installed on Beautiful Home in Omaha, NE

The homeowners in this beautiful home in the Greenacres subdivision in Omaha, NE were tired of cleaning out the leaves and debris that was falling from numerous trees around the home. After meeting one of our Representatives at their neighbor’s home, we scheduled a time to meet with them.

While meeting with the homeowners, they mentioned that with all the large trees they wanted to find a solution that would stop the leaves and debris from getting into the gutters.  After evaluating the home, we proposed that they have the patent, one-piece, covered gutter system with the oversized 3x4 downspouts installed. The homeowners were very happy with the design and determined that it was the solution they were looking for.

We installed the LeafGuard Brand Gutter System in the color of Wicker on the home.  The homeowners can now relax and go on trips without having to worry about cleaning the leaves and debris from the gutters.

Wicker LeafGuard Gutter System Installed on Beautiful Home in Omaha, NE - Photo 1Wicker LeafGuard Gutter System Installed on Beautiful Home in Omaha, NE - Photo 2
LeafGuard Brand Gutter System Install on home in Collier Place area of Omaha

Our existing customer saw us at a local home show and signed up to get an estimate on a home that’s part of the Abide Network.  This is a network of homes being rebuilt in north Omaha by churches, once the homes have been rebuilt the keys are given to the Abide Network, who places a family in the home who will spread the message throughout the neighborhood.   

One of the many projects being done on the home, was the replacement of the existing gutters.  We meet with the past customer, who’s involved in the rebuilding process; and a representative from the network and assess the home.  They determined that installing the patented, one-piece, covered gutter system that’s maintenance free would be the best solution.

We installed the White LeafGuard Brand Gutter System with the oversized 3x4 downspouts on the home. With this new gutter system, the family that’s placed in the home can spend their time spreading the message rather than cleaning out the gutters.

LeafGuard Brand Gutter System Install on home in Collier Place area of Omaha - Photo 1
Work Requests From Omaha, NE
in Omaha
My kitchen does not feel insulated at all
in Omaha
Insufficient wall insulation.
in Omaha
Walls are poorly insulated
Virginia Street in Omaha
I have a 3 car finished garage but the rooms above the garage are very cold. As the garage was finished when I purchased the house I am unsure if the garage ceiling is insulated. Thank you.
in Omaha
Need to get pricing to have blow in insulation in my garage ceiling and possible some more added to my attic.
Farnam St. in Omaha
We have some noise issues between floors of an apartment building and are looking to add additional insulation between the ceiling and the floor.
Nebraska Ave in Omaha
Need insulation blown in our attic. Our home inspectrion revealed low levels of insulation.
Webster St in Omaha
100 year old house needs insulation. We are going to remodel 3rd floor attic for living space and want to add insulation.
in Omaha
Just looking to have LeafGuard gutters installed
in Omaha
I am needing to re insulate my attic and I have mechanical equipment in the attic for my second floor. So I am looking into the Super attic insulation system
in Omaha
We had our roof redone last year due to hail. We received insurance money to do the gutters and we are selling the home now. So, we need to get the gutters done for the buyers as soon as we can. Thanks.
in Omaha
New home. Need quote on installing seamless Gutters
Fowler Ave in Omaha
We would like a home insulation bid.
Karl St. in Omaha
I would like to know what the cost of gutter guard installation would cost for my house. I would like to have a guard that does not allow fall leaves or the spring seeds that fall from my tree to stick in them. Thank you
in Omaha
I have a finished attic and just need the roof in the crawl spaces insulated. Something like 300 sq ft of wall. /l--l\ I just need the slanted parts insulated. Just curious as to how much that might be.
in Omaha
Looking into adding further insulation to attached garage in my rowhouse (one wall).. possibly the front of the house as well (one wall).
Monroe Street in Omaha
Gutter estimate repair/ replacement
H Street in Omaha
Insulate above garage ceiling. Ranch Home
in Omaha
Need larger gutters on one part of house and possibly leaf guard gutters on another part of house.
Virginia St in Omaha
Condensation on ductwork. Had a thermal test done and we need insulation blown in where the garage meets the house.
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