Air Sealing Explained By Midlands Home Solutions Topic- Insulation (Air Sealing)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 by Karli McCauley



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A large number of homeowners with basic knowledge about insulation believe that the more insulation added to the house the more energy efficient the home is. Well believe it or not, that belief isn’t always true. Just adding any kind of insulation to make your home more energy efficient does not always tackle the problem in full. The problem being that exterior air is creeping into your home. Grasping the concept of air sealing and insulating will quickly catch you up to date. Air sealing demands the best outcome for overall whole home comfort.

What is Air Sealing?

Air Sealing is a form of insulation. This type of insulation has many advantages. Beginning with an excellent gap and crack filing capability. Air sealing also stops air leaks in addition to providing insulation value. In fact it won’t compress, fall out of place or lose R-value unlike fiberglass insulation. There are several ways air sealing can be done. Spray foam being one of them. Spray foam insulation comes with many cooling and heating benefits. A unique ability with spray foams is that it really gets into small cracks and crevices. Once the foam is applied into the crack it expands and dries quickly while blocking air and water. Spray foams in fact are not just a blockade for air and moisture but also for heat and cold as well. Once the spray foam gets into the small crevices, it gets hard. The hard barrier blocks rodents, and the insects. By keeping away insects and rodents, you are also reducing the chances of getting sick from rodent waste which can be a bigger problem than most think in attics. Spray Foam insulation also prevents moisture from entering through the walls of your building and can also lower your heating and cooling bills.

Taking Action!

To start off, the first step to correcting your homes energy productivity is going through the process of discovering and addressing all the areas in your home that enable unwanted outside air to work its way inside. Areas that frequently need to be observed are top plates, rim joist, drop soffits, can lights and bath fan penetrations.

To wrap up during the winter, spray foam protects your home from the cold and moisture. During the summer, it protects it from heat. Additionally, it keeps your home less drafty during strong winds, cold snowy nights, and hot summer nights. If you want to insulate your home, or have any questions about the benefits of air sealing your home contact Midlands Home Solutions Now!

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