Planning Your Front Yard Landscaping

Thursday, February 11th, 2016


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The calendar may say February but the forecast in your mind is thinking SPRING! Plan ahead for your yard maintenance this year with our guide to front yard landscaping planning. Check out this list of things to consider as we approach the warmer months.

Project Size

The first thing to consider is what your project will be, what it will entail and how large or small you want it. Determining the scope of your project should come before the budget analysis, but you should still have an idea in your head how much it may all cost. Do you want to add a simple crushed stone garden and patio area off to the side of the yard or do you want a complete overhaul of the lawn, walkways, shrub area, garden, and front entryway? Sketch it out on paper to get an idea of size.


The second step in planning out your front yard landscaping project is to come up with a budget. List everything you'll need to achieve your project successfully, from potting soil and tools to labor costs if you're hiring a contractor. If that number is too high for the amount of money you have on hand, you'll have to adjust it accordingly. There are many ways to save on gardening if you do your research and are willing to do some work yourself. You can tackle the easy tasks and hire a professional for those jobs that will take an expert's touch. You can use salvaged materials that cut back on your budget but that add character and charm at the same time.


How long will your project take? If you plan on hiring a contractor, this will be one of the first questions you will ask. You should have an idea of how long you want to commit to your project and when you will start it. Whether you want it all done before the kids get out of school for the year so you can work in peace or you plan on adding elements here and there throughout the spring and summer, a timeline will help you firm up dates and create a goal.


Hiring a landscape designer to make your vision come together is key. From hardscaping and colorscaping to lighting and design, a professional skilled in these areas can aid in the overall look and feel of your front yard. Do your research when hiring, asking about how many years of experience they have and finding out if they can show you a portfolio of their previous work.

Helpful Websites

Some helpful local websites that can answer your gardening questions and assist in your planning include:

If you're looking for general garden design inspiration, check out:

Always make sure gutter maintenance is part of your annual front yard landscaping. Remember that good water drainage is key to a healthy, beautiful lawn. At LeafGuard of the Midlands, we can repair and service your existing gutters or install new ones that won't clog.

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