How To Clean Clogged Gutters

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by James Hartkorn

How To Clean Clogged Gutters
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While you may be planning to get clog-free gutters sometime soon, your current gutters can get clogged with just about anything. If you find yourself having to scoop out all the muck and debris throughout the seasons, you may need advice on how to clean clogged downspouts. Read on for advice on how to clean them depending on the type of debris you have.


Large pieces of debris, such as leaves, pine needles and acorns, can get caught in your gutters, prohibiting the free flow of rainwater off the roof. To avoid this backup of debris and pooling at your downspouts, you have to perform regular maintenance on your gutters. It’s best to do this once in the spring and once in the fall, or whenever you notice a backup. Don gloves and get a ladder with a stabilizer. Have a friend spot you down below. Hang a bucket off a ladder hook and use a scoop or trowel to remove the debris. Another option is to place a drop cloth underneath where your ladder is, and simply throw the debris to the ground. Once finished, fold up the cloth and dump out the contents in your woods or the trash. You can even add it all to your compost pile, suggests SFGate.


When you simply have small debris such as small particles, tiny twigs and dirt, you can wash that away using your garden hose. Direct the hose down the slope and watch as the debris flows out of the downspout. If it doesn’t come out easily, you may have a bigger clog further down. Just keep troubleshooting. If you have a pressure washer and want to clean the gutters of algae at the same time, put it on the lowest setting to get the job done.


To avoid the need to clean your gutters in the first place, have a professional install a clog-free gutter system. LeafGuard, the only system that has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, even keeps out slippery pine needles that seem to get past most barriers on the market. With a clog-free system, you can say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning out your gutters. It’s a dangerous job, too, one that brings with it a high risk of falls, so do yourself a favor in invest in a quality system that won’t let debris through.

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