Outdoor Decorating Ideas: Garden Ornaments

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Outdoor Decorating

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If you're a creative type, you're likely looking forward to decorating your garden come spring. Why have a yard that looks like everybody else's? Instead, take a cue from our outdoor decorating ideas and incorporate some garden ornaments into your yard design this season.

If your gutters and roofing are looking good after getting work done from our expert team, you may want to surround the home with a personal touch in the yard. Here are some different categories of garden ornaments to consider part of your outdoor decorating ideas to try this summer.

1. Guide your space: Rather than use your garden ornaments as an afterthought, make them work for your outdoor space. Make it functional and decorative at the same time. A simple wrought-iron gate can mark the entrance to your garden flanked by a tree-hung lantern that draws the eye upward, says This Old House. A curved bench inspires relaxation while adding visual depth and interest. These cues to look up, down, and all around are subtle yet undeniable.

2. Incorporate a little sheen: Reminiscent of a Tuscan farmhouse, creating a landscape that features plenty of patina can be a remarkable focal point. Because your garden already features lots of greens and colorful bursts of color, it can be refreshing to go with stone ornaments that enhance the surroundings. An old mirror set against a stone shed or wall with antique lantern atop a stone shelf is a simple yet dramatic accent anyone can employ.

3. Grand entrances: To connect your garden pathways with the rest of the yard, separate this area with a wisteria-draped arbor to mark the entrance. Add wrought iron gates for more appeal, offset on both sides by large clay urns of overflowing bougainvillea, citrus trees, and palms punctuated by charming finials on pedestals.

4. Grotto-style illumination: For a romantic grotto-style garden and patio area, place electric lights strategically around the area to spotlight trees and illuminate pathways. In keeping with the lantern theme for low-level lighting, you can offset this look with streetlight-style lamp posts to brighten up those nooks and crannies.

5. Pots and pedestals: Why keep pots down at ground level so you have to stoop to sniff them? Flowers in beds tend to get forgotten and lost. By placing yard sale-find clay pots in a variety of colors on pedestals adorned with your favorite blooms, you're adding another level of enjoyment to your garden ornaments. Succulents such as aeoniums, senecios, agaves and echeverias are a great choice to adorn any vintage wood table.

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