Planning a Garden Checklist

Monday, April 18th, 2016 by James Hartkorn


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From selecting a garden type and location to choosing specific plants and sketching out the area, there are many steps involved in creating the perfect garden for your yard. It’s unlikely you were born with a green thumb so take your time in gathering the right tools and try out new techniques one-by-one to learn as you get started. Check out this checklist for planning a garden as a source of inspiration.

Assess Exposure

Planting vegetables? Be aware that most need full sun for about eight hours a day. Flowers may not need as much sun, but this will depend on what kind you have. Take a few days to observe the sun exposure in your yard and map it out. Where are the primarily sunny areas or shady areas?

Determine Planting Area

If you're looking to plant veggies, start with a four-by-four-foot plot of land, recommends Real Simple. You can always expand next year if you find this isn't enough. Consider putting in a small fence to keep critters out so they don't eat all your plants, but construct it before you do any planting so raccoons, rabbits and other critters don't get a taste for your lettuce.

Come up with a Seasonal Plan

A schedule is crucial once you determine what you will grow and where you will grow it. Many flowers bloom in certain months, like June, then die off the next month. Make sure you have evergreen plants ready to go so there are never any bare spots in your garden. Since tomatoes take a while to grow, you may want to plant smaller veggies close by to make use of all available space and provide dimension to your garden.

Hit the Home Improvement Store

It's time to pick up the essentials if you don't already have them, such as spades, garden forks, hose, hoe, gardening gloves, hand weeder and basket for easily transporting mulch or soil from place to place. Ask an associate for assistance at the garden center with picking out your plants and seeds.

Top 10 Crops for the Central and Midwest Region

Wondering what to plant for your region? Here, Mother Earth News points out which crops work well in the moderate climate here in Nebraska. This website is also a great resource for what to plant, when, and how for each month of the year.

  • Slicing tomato
  • Sweet pepper
  • Cherry tomato
  • Onion
  • Bush snap bean
  • Carrot
  • Garlic
  • Paste tomato
  • Snow/snap pea
  • Lettuce

A big part of planning a garden is ensuring you have a great drainage system around the property. Call LeafGuard by Midlands Home Solutions for maintenance-free gutters and premium asphalt roofing to protect your home.

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