Portable Hammocks and Other Ways to Relax on the Patio

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016 by James Hartkorn


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The hot humid days of July and August are not always the best for hanging out on your patio. It's hard to relax when the heat index hits upwards of 100 degrees and you can't stop sweating. But as those summer evenings begin to cool off, the backyard becomes the place to be. At LeafGuard, we understand the beauty of Nebraska in the fall and we're here to help you maximize the remaining months before the snow hits. Whether you add some relaxing furniture or the privacy you've been wanting, there are hundreds of ways to add to the atmosphere of your backyard. Here are some ideas.


No one has ever entered a backyard, seen a hammock in the corner and respond with an, "ugh." The hammock is relaxation. Pure and simple. You add a hammock to your backyard and that promise of "I'm going to read more," is sure to be met. But, like anything else, there are many choices out there and it's always good to do your homework before you decide what one works for you. Here's a breakdown.
Rope Hammocks
I'm not sure if the rope hammock is the most popular type of hammock, but when I picture one in my head, this is the one. The rope hammock will definitely take up some space, but it’s worth it. Its versatility is what makes it so popular. Whether you are planning to relax by yourself or need a family nap space, the rope hammock is the one for you.

Rope Hammock

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If comfort is your main objective, and it should be, look no further than the fabric hammock. There are many different types of fabric hammocks, but the idea here is to find one that matches your outside decor, find two trees, grab a book and nestle in. Try NOT to relax. Oh, and don't work about the two trees, fabric hammocks also can use a portable stand.

Fabric Hammock

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If you are a bit limited for space, you might want to think about getting yourself a chair or swing for your backyard oasis. Whether you find the perfect fit at your local patio furniture store or make one yourself (see link below), the hammock chair is perfect for curling up with a good book.

Hammock Chair

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As much as we love the hammock, it doesn't always provide a welcoming situation for guests. If you want your relaxing to include family and friends, think big and add some lounging furniture. There are sooo many diy hacks out there that you can add that comfy furniture without breaking the bank. Follow either of these links and pick out the couch that works for you.

Outdoor Lounge

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Maybe you've already found the right furniture and have the relaxing equipment in place. Good. Now all you need is some privacy. Because it's all good if you're comfortable sitting down to finish the last chapter of your book for book club, but if your neighbors are out playing board games, good luck. Privacy is overlooked until you don't have any. Here are just two ideas to add some to your patio.

(1) Use Morning Glories to create some natural green shade. Get some planter boxes and string and get to work. Tie the string in the direction you want the Morning Glories to go, water and wait.
(2) Use old rain gutters (the ones you replaced with LeafGuard gutters) to create a container garden that also doubles as a privacy wall.

Shade Plants

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The backyard relaxing session shouldn't end at sunset. Whether you are entertaining or just in the mood for an evening on your deck, set the right atmosphere with the right lighting. Your backyard lighting scheme should be just bright enough to eat under, but not too bright as to attract the neighborhood's moth population. Follow the link below the image to get some additional lighting ideas.


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